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  However, when you say that Shaanxi does not climb huashan mountain, it is just like going to Beijing instead of climbing the Great Wall. Some of them cannot be said.

  As a result, Huashan arranged a day. Departure at five o'clock P.M. and meet at P.M.

  Huashan is in Huayin city, Shaanxi province

  2154.9 above sea level, formerly known as "Xiyue", is one of the famous five mountains in China and part of Qinling Mountains.

  It connects Qinling Mountains in the south and Huang Wei in the north, guarding the gateway of northwest China to and from the Central Plains.

  Huashan is made up of a complete and large granite body. Now Huashan has five peaks: east, west, south, north and middle.

  Into the mountains, directly from foot climb to the top, you can also start by ropeway up belfone, back and forth $ one hundred and fifty. Because I was afraid Qiu Ci was too much, I chose the cableway up the mountain.

  But in order to protect her self-esteem, I can only say that I can't climb up. So after returning from Huashan, she boasted everywhere that if it weren't for taking care of her mother, she would have climbed from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain.

  I am a little afraid of heights. For example, when I was sitting on the Ferris wheel, my heart moved. Where is it? In the eyes of my throat, ha ha.

  Therefore, over Huashan Mountain, I am really afraid that the rope will break and I am extremely nervous!

  Huashan Wufeng, we are preparing for the West Peak and the North Peak. The West Peak is the highest peak in the above picture. After getting off the bus, the first thing to go is the nearest Beifeng. When it comes to Huashan, I must think of Huashan's sword. Jin Yong arrived at Beifeng when he arrived at Huashan. Go to the real martial arts hall and get incense. There is a habit of burning incense when one sees a temple, which is extremely devout. It is good to have faith. Nowadays, many people dare to do anything under the guise of atheism. Therefore, people with faith are generally not bad! Except cults, of course! There is food outside the temple, which is very expensive. For example, a small bowl of cold noodles costs 10 yuan, a bottle of mineral water costs 10 yuan, coke or something costs 13 yuan, and a bucket of instant noodles costs 25 yuan. If you bring your own instant noodles and provide you with boiled water, it is ten yuan. Can understand, because it is all human back. When I got to the top of the mountain to discuss the sword platform, Qiu Ci bought a lock. I chose to lock the whole family safely. 48 yuan money. After a long queue, he joined the Qiu Ci before Mr. Jin's inscription and Zhang Ying. According to Jin Yong himself, why should he discuss the sword in Huashan instead of Songshan, because Songshan is only very big, huashan has Aura, fairy spirit and air spirit. Nature itself has created a swordsman realm. The external environment and content complement each other and can make people imagine indefinitely and be infected by the environment. According to some analysis, the address of Huashan Lun Jian in the novel should be Nanfeng, the highest peak of Huashan. But why is the title of Jin Da's writer here? I guess he was too old to climb the south peak at that time, so he just did it here. I just said it casually, and everyone should not believe it. Then head for Xifeng. After rubbing the ear cliff, this section of the road is not too dangerous, but Qiu Ci have already started to use both hands and feet. Taking photos while resting all the way is really a big challenge for Qiu Ci. There was a little boy similar to him, led by a rope tied by his parents around his waist. Because the road is too narrow, I am afraid of accidentally rolling down the mountain. In fact, I had this plan at first, but then I thought about it. Rest on the road, she is looking for food.

  After a short rest here, I will go to canglongling, a very dangerous journey.

  This ridge pen goes straight into the sky, like Canglong vacated, so it is called "Canglong Ridge ".

  The steps on the ridge are only more than 2 feet wide, with deep ravines on both sides, as steep as a knife cutting axe. The elevation difference between the ridge and the ridge is about 500, and the slope is above 45 degrees.

  Looking at the green pine and white clouds from afar here, it is shocking to hear the sound of the wind.

  Many people in the same trade returned home when they arrived here.

  For fear of slippery chains and injuries, we were fully armed and vowed to set out.

  Han Tuizhi the book office, it is necessary to tell the story that Han Yu, a great writer of the Tang Dynasty, left behind when he climbed the Huashan Mountain.

  Han Yu was demoted out of Beijing and climbed the steep Huashan on his way to office.

  As the saying goes, "it's easy to go up the mountain and difficult to go down the mountain". After playing, I went down to Canglong Ridge and saw deep valleys on both sides, clouds and mist filled, mountain winds roared, and long ridges appeared from time to time, like a green dragon dancing in the air.

  At that time, there was no guardrail, only stone nests were chiseled. Up the mountain to fall, down the mountain to retreat.

  He cried bitterly for fear of not being able to go down the mountain, so he threw all his belongings under the ridge and wrote a letter to bid farewell to his family.

  At that time, after hearing about the incident, the Huayin county magistrate personally picked it up with others, and Han Yu was able to go down the mountain.

  Of course, some people also said that Han Yu could talk generously in the face of the Emperor without fear. He was so courageous that he would not dare to go down the mountain, but because the landscape was extreme and could not be described by writing, only crying bitterly to express the feeling of such a victory. But this is the reason that is even more untrustworthy.

  The so-called useless is a scholar. The ancient scholar studied hard for ten years, and some of them are not more than one. It is inevitable that he will neglect physical exercise and his physical quality is poor.

  So I believe in the first one.

  Anyway, no matter what, a generation of Wen Hao really cried.

  It is because of the steepness of canglongling that I cry, whether I am afraid or like it. Smoking is strictly prohibited on Huashan. Qiu Ci said to me, "Dad's smoking was paid by the management just now ." I clap my hands! In the morning, Qiu Ci reported to me that my father was a little sensible today and bought a pack of shorter cigarettes. The teacher in the same trade asked her why her father was sensible when he bought a shorter cigarette. She replied, "shorter, less poison ." It really made them laugh. Walking and resting all the way, I finally got to the golden lock, many locks, and the locks here only cost five yuan. Old loss! There are three roads from here to the other four peaks. When we went to Xifeng, the more the story of aloes's rescue mother took place, the fewer people, the fewer children, and the strange tourists we met on the road all raised their thumbs to Qiu Ci and cheered him on, this made her very excited, but also high morale! Finally almost there. This is the ridge. Both sides are bare. At first glance, it is an abyss. I am really scared. The so-called newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, Qiu Ci is not afraid at all, but she is really tired, so her face is tired. Qiu Ci bought a gold medal engraved with the top date. It is said that the seam was Du Fu's "creation of Zhong Shenxiu" which was chopped out by aloes, but it doesn't matter, anyway, the places I have been to are basically the same. Huashan is better, its steepness is not artificial, and this is its value. I was very reluctant to ask me to climb to the top of the summit and take a picture of a stone towering into the sky, because I was afraid of falling down, but he insisted again and again. At this time, I really felt that he was very worried, he told me to turn around and put my feet on the right. That's not good. I'm determined not to do it! What if I fall down? I still have a lot of delicious food I haven't eaten, good-looking ones I haven't seen, and fun ones I haven't played ...... Let him take a picture. He said he would have another one if he didn't do well. I didn't want to, and insisted that he carry me down! Down the mountain, we took another road. Because there are too many tourists in Huashan, One Road is not safe to go up and down, so some sections have been repaired for tourists to go down the mountain, this is relatively easy, but it doesn't take long for the golden lock Qiu Ci to lie on the big lock for a while. After getting up for a while, I still feel refreshed and still have to go again. When I got here, I found that my legs didn't listen to greeting at all and kept shaking. What is more serious is that by the next day, my legs could not be bent at all. Due to the inconvenience of movement, the mood of the next few days was greatly affected, which directly led to the cancellation of our scheduled three-day trip to Sichuan. Until two days before full recovery. Old ...... Only when I returned to the hotel did I know that the six children of the same age, Qiu Ci alone, had reached the top of the mountain. This made her proud for a long time. After dinner, I left Huayin. Finally, Huashan, I came ......

  On a sunny Sunday after the rain, mother pig finally gave birth to a pig.

  Pink Bunny, yellow hamster and purple dog all went to mother pig's house. Pig father rushed from the airport with little green pig. They waited at the door for an hour, and the pig sister finally gave birth. Dad was very happy because there was another pig sister in their family.

  Two months later, the pig father took the pink bunny, the yellow hamster, the purple dog and their parents out for a picnic. The car was about to leave, and the pig family did not come. After five minutes, dad took the little green pig, the pig sister and the pig mother came together, and the car drove and drove to the big tree forest. As soon as I sat down, the pink rabbit mother, the pink rabbit father, the yellow hamster mother, the yellow hamster father, the purple dog mother and the purple dog father all came to bless the pig family. They all finished eating, adults start chatting and children go to play.

  They all agree with sister pig. This is a new game. The rule is that everyone must wear makeup and hide. The person who catches must find everyone and guess who that person is. Each of them went to a place to make up, it was time to hide, the pink bunny was hidden, the yellow hamster was hidden, the purple dog was hidden, and the little green pig was hidden. It was the turn of the pig sister. "1234 ......" My friends counted the numbers. Sister pig couldn't think of where she should hide. She looked at sister Baiyun, who quietly said, "Look what's over there ?" Pig sister looked aside and cried, "Ah, there is a thick bush. Pig sister thought," hiding there, they will definitely not find my hiding place ." However, my friends could not hear the shouts of pig sister. Sister pig ran excitedly. "... Eighteen nineteen twenty, "my friends looked forward to saying for a long time," We have come to see you ."

  In fact, the small partner has long known the hiding place of the pig sister, because the location of the pig sister is very safe and no one has been there. My friends also ran to the dense trees. Besides, sister pig, the road that sister pig ran was just brushing lime powder. Sister pig's eyes were staring at the big trees all the time. She didn't see a lime pit in front of her. Sister Baiyun just wanted to remind sister pig, however, sister Baiyun hasn't said yet, the pig is lying in a ash pit, and the lime is all on the pig sister's body. Because the pig sister painted a colorful ghost, so the pig suddenly became a real ghost with white gray powder. Sister pig wanted to get up, but she didn't think that sister pig felt very comfortable in this lime pit. Just inside, I slept soundly. The mouth was still singing a small song. Sister Baiyun saw that it was very comfortable and did not care about him.

  The little friends rushed over and wanted to find the pig sister first, because whoever found the pig sister first was the hide-and-seek King. Pink Bunny runs very slowly, yellow hamster and purple dog run in front. They just ran to the place where the pig sister fell. At first, the yellow hamster and the purple dog thought it was a piece of white cloth. Just then, sister pig woke up and saw them stand up immediately. Yellow hamster, purple dog thought it was a ghost, scared straight run. As he ran, he shouted, "Ah! Ah! Ghost, run away! Ah! There are ghosts ........." Just met the pink rabbit who ran past. The pink rabbit asked the yellow hamster and the purple dog, "Why do you want to run back? You don't want to get the game king, get the hide-and-seek King can have a prize, the prize is a crown, a pair of pants, a cape, a pair of shoes! You don't, I do! "The yellow hamster and the purple dog ran desperately without taking the rabbit's words to heart. The pink rabbit asked strangely," Why did you run away ?" The yellow hamster and the purple dog stopped. They said together, "there is a ghost, aren't you afraid ?" The pink rabbit was shocked: "Ah! Run !" The pink bunny complained even more about running too slowly, and the Pink Bunny burst into tears in a hurry. Yellow hamsters and purple dogs can't control the pink bunny at all. They just want to run away quickly. How can they take care of the pink bunny!

  Sister pig laughed at it and her stomach was almost broken. Bai Yun's sister said, "Look at what you have done well and scared your friends ." Sister pig said, "Look, you can see really funny things when you come here. Why do you still complain ?" Sister Baiyun said, "this time, I'm not complaining about you. I really complain. I think it's still a small partner !" Sister pig said, "they don't know it's me. What am I afraid ?" Sister Baiyun said, "Why are you so confused? Don't they mean you by ghosts ?" Sister pig began to talk back: "I said sister Baiyun, sister Baiyun. Only if wants them not to say me, I can say it as no one. Besides, even if they say that they are talking about me, not you, don't worry about it, OK? Don't keep talking beside my ear, like mosquitoes ." Hearing this, sister Baiyun was very angry and said, "I am not for your own good. If it is not for you, I will not say you. But don't regret it ." Sister pig said, "I don't regret it. They must not know it was me ."

  My friends are finally far away from sister pig. However, the little friends were afraid that the "ghost" would come after them, so they discussed it and avoided it at the Pink Bunny's house for a while. My friends hid under the bed and did not dare to come out or even breathe for fear that "ghosts" would find them. Pink Rabbit "putt ........." It turned out that the pink rabbit caught a cold and sneezed. This sneeze can frighten the yellow hamster and the purple dog. Everyone blamed the pink bunny, and the Pink Bunny also felt guilty.

  Pig sister, also feel that enough trouble. He went home and took a cold bath, singing while washing. "Lala, I want to take a bath, I want to take a cold bath. Lala, wash your stomach clean, hey! There was no dust all over the body. Lala ......" Sister pig washed it three times in order to clean it up. She changed into a pink skirt, and sister pig sang in the Mirror: "pink skirt, pink socks, purple shoes, Golden Gloves. This kind of match is extremely cool. Who can match better than me? La la, Dongdong Dong ......"

  Sister pig changed her clothes.

  The second episode is a colorful garden.

  Early in the morning, sister pig just opened her hazy eyes and saw the big garden in front of the window, which was full of roses, each of which was so delicate and charming.

  Look at the other window and see if the pomegranate is ripe. Ripe pomegranates are like children's red faces. They are waving like me. In order to see this beautiful big garden clearly, sister pig ran forward again. Ah! Peony flowers are blooming, like flowers with big palms, full of branches, like a warm fire. The bees worked hard to gather honey in the flowers, got into the bright stamens, and hurried away after picking honey.

  Sister pig, go a little further, wow! Phalaenopsis has also opened, purple and yellow, like flying butterflies. There are also slender leek-like leaves, no wonder some people call it "leek Lotus. If you look at it again, its white jade-like petals have a bright yellow stamen in the middle. As long as you approach it a little, a faint fragrance will come to your nose, the green leaves like leek leaves also seem to exude a faint fragrance.


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happy morning was destroyed

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  Act 1: One day, a lamb was lying on the grass, "shout ...... Shout ......" At this moment, a bird was practicing his throat on a big tree next to him, turning him over to sleep and over to sleep. He opened his sleepy eyes and sighed and said, "Ah ...... by this singing bird. I wanted to sleep late, but I couldn't sleep ." He stood up. After doing 20 sit-ups, he came to the stream to wash his face and brush his teeth. After washing, he was ready to go to a large piece of grass found last night for breakfast. There was his favorite "Sweet Flower" on the grass, but it took him a night to find it. The Lamb ran to the grass at a speed of 20 kilometers per second. To his surprise, the fields were in a mess and there were few sweet flowers left. The lamb was furious. He was furious and shouted, "who stole my sweet flowers !" At this moment, there was a camel cry in the distance. He fixed his eyes and looked at it, Ah! It turned out that the camel was eating sweet flowers with relish, and the last one had already been eaten. The Lamb immediately ran over and put a roll of sweet flowers into his mouth before the camel had spoken. Recalling the fragrance of sweet flowers, he still came to the camel angrily and glared at it with his eyes. The camel looked up and down at the lamb with his round eyes and said, "Oh, where did you get the short wax gourd ?" After hearing this, the lamb was even more angry and shouted at the camel, "who is the short wax gourd !" Camel responded calmly: "You are a short wax gourd !" The lamb's eyes were as big as a copper bell and said, "say I am a short wax gourd, you are still a thin hemp pole !" The camel's angry face turned red after hearing this. He grabbed the Lamb's two ears and said, "who is the skinny stick ?" The Lamb pointed to the camel and said, "it's you! It's you !" The camel had a hook and rolled the lamb back three times. The two front teeth "snapped" and fell to the ground. Blood flowed down the corners of the mouth. The lamb picked up the knocked front tooth and said, "Ah ...... This is already my seventh denture ." The camel clapped his hands and said, "I want to fight against you, no way !" The lamb stood up trembling and decided not to go to the camel and said, "You just made a sneak attack. We have the ability to compete in the arena ." The camel smiled and said, "Ha, ha, ha, with your short wax gourd, you will lose even in the challenge arena ." The lamb smiled and said, "it's too early to say who wins and who wins ." The camel said, "I'll see you in the arena ." So, a boxing championship began.

  The second act: the lamb in front of the ring wore a Li Xiaolong costume and came up with the prestige of Ling. On the other side, the camel wore a suit of champion "Tai Sen, he came up with high spirits. When the two met, they set up the opening position of the boxing match. The Lamb kicked the camel first. Who knows that the camel was prepared, he grabbed the lamb's foot and lifted it with force, A lamb fell to the ground on his back. I saw a lamb standing up with a carp, a punch hit the camel's belly, but the camel came to a stall, grabbed and twisted, and the Lamb's arm was firmly grasped by the camel, then the camel raised its foot and drove the lamb three Zhangs away. I saw the lamb lying on the ground with a weak belly moaning, and the camel walked over. The lamb immediately said, "Stop! Pause ." Camel said, "If you throw in the towel, say it quickly ." The Lamb said, "this does not count. Let's play in another way ." Camel said, "No problem, you can play any way ." The Lamb said, "Don't look at you as tall as you are, but you are not as smart as me. Don't believe we should do one thing to prove whether it is better to be thin or short wax gourd ." Camel said, "Yes, I 'd like to be with you ."

  Act III: They walked and came to a courtyard. I saw a branch in the courtyard hanging over the wall outside the wall. The Camel saw it and lifted its head. It easily ate the leaves on the tree, he also said while eating, "It smells good!" The lamb was furious when he saw his anger. He put his legs on the wall, his neck was long, and the green tendons could not eat the leaves. It seems that the height has the strength of height. The Camel proudly said: "See, from this matter shows, thin hemp pole is better than short wax gourd." The lamb said unconvinced, "hum! We'll see ."

  Act 4: they continued to move forward. When they passed a garden, they both stopped. It turned out that the garden was planted with the best grass: warm grass, but there was a wall around it, only a small door was left on the wall, and a rose was planted beside the door. At this time, the Lamb calmly walked in and ate the fragrant warm grass. While eating, he said to the camel, "Um ...... Warm grass is warm, and the taste is really sweet ." At this moment, the camel crawled on the ground with difficulty, closing its abdomen and inhaling. No matter how he contracted, he couldn't get in. The rose thorn next to him gave him a temperature. Camel pain "ow ...... Ow "cried, his feet slammed on the ground a few times, angrily watching the lamb grazing. After the full Lamb came out, he said to the camel, "Look, short wax gourd has an advantage over thin hemp poles ." However, the camel was still unconvinced and said, "Hum! If you have the ability, let's go to The Lion King to comment ."

  Act 5: They came to The Lion King's Palace and told the lion about the day. The lion laughed and said, "camel, I ask you, can you eat the leaves on the tree but can't get in from the garden?" The camel said, "Yes ." The lion asked the lamb again, "Can you go to the garden but not eat the leaves on the tree ?" The lamb said, "That's right ." The lion said, "so are your strengths the weaknesses of others, while others' strengths happen to be your own weaknesses ?" The lamb and camel looked at each other and said, "Yes !" The lion went on to say, "we should not compare our own strengths with others' weaknesses. Sometimes, your weaknesses are others' strengths, however, other people's shortcomings happen to be their own advantages, so we must learn to be modest, to make up for the shortcomings of others and to improve ourselves." After hearing this, the lamb and camel suddenly realized that the camel apologized to the lamb and said, "I'm sorry lamb, I shouldn't call you a short wax gourd ." The lamb also said, "It's my fault. I shouldn't have nicknamed you Jiao Shou pockmarks. Let's be good friends from now on ." The camel said, "That's great ." The night after the rain was wet everywhere. The air was very fresh, Bi Ge the gravel road in front of the house was a little wet. Eric, a gray-yellow german shepherd dog, walked slowly out of bige's courtyard. He couldn't sleep and wanted to take a breath of fresh air. A black Scottish shepherd jumped out of the woods. He was impure in blood and was abandoned by his master Toby. He became a wild dog and wandered in the woods all day. His name is rudolk and he is Eric's friend. The soft meat pad on his paw is not suitable for the gravel road, so he doesn't like it here, but he still insists on coming to Eric at midnight every day. Hi! Come out for a walk again? You haven't slept well in recent days ." Rudolk said slowly. "I have been having very strange dreams recently. Do you know Hong Yu Lin? I often dream about it, it is flooded by the flood, and a mighty big German Shepherd is calling me to suppress the flood. He seems to say that the God of the dragon sleeping desert, the ethnic group has suffered disaster, you come and save! You are God who hit our aquatic clan and even the entire elf Wolf clan. The German Shepherd is surprisingly big, with sharp ears and a long mouth, unlike our kind. Behind him was a large group of big German shepherd, the fur was gray, but it looked very holy, the upper body was golden, and the lower body was a brown awning skirt with divine patterns. Oh, he also claimed to be the great god of the Holy Spirit. I don't know any wolves or dragons at all. I feel incredible myself ." A rare highland in the forest was gray, with bean raindrops pouring down, and more than one hundred wolves were hiding in a large plum-shaped cave. "Brookock, please think of some way! If the rain still falls like this, our cave will still be flooded although it is in the high ground. I don't want to say that either, but that's the form ." A slender young female wolf with well-proportioned limbs said quickly in a crisp voice. "There is no way out now. After the barus Wolf, you can see if this is OK. Now the situation is critical. We go to the depression of the fighting clan Gaia wolf king to avoid the flood, because our highlands are really unable to live. I don't want our aquatic clan to be destroyed! However, it is indeed strange that the fighting families live in depressions but never encounter floods. We live in highlands but are often flooded ." A low voice came from Wolf king brookock's mouth. So please prepare quickly. I'll calm the wolf's mood and let them know that it's not bad to escape from their homes temporarily. But it's really tricky. Senior wolf steel-toothed shark and his child toothed fish are very opposed ." After a while, the queen of the wolf king, Zhen Wen, led the priest of the clan, yiyouda, a beautiful young female wolf who could even be said to be wet behind the ears. "Brookke wolf king, I received a mysterious call from the Holy Spirit Clan. The Holy Spirit great god Connie told me that there would be an animal of different kinds from our family to save us in hot water. I still vaguely heard in the gods that the Savior seemed to be called Hamo... there were two words behind Hamo, and I forgot. We can temporarily go to the depressions of the fighting clan to avoid the flood, but after all, we still hope that we will return to our own clan and not violate the will of the Holy Spirit !" Iyouda said slowly. "In this case, we must obey the will of the Holy Spirit God punie! Also, "brookock looked very solemn." We need to find the God Messenger summoned by the great god of Pini, the Savior God named hamo ." The other end of the jungle looks serious and solemn. There is a large absenteeism in the forest. There are two high shentai on the absenteeism. It is made of granite. One shentai is covered with golden moss and the other is covered with pure ice. There are many powerful wolves under the shentai, and their names are clearly stated on the signs in front of them. Some of these wolves are surrounded by electric current, and the sign in front of them is also golden, and the front also indicates: Raytheon ray Electric is the king of elves; some wolves are all silver, and there are many Xuan Bing hanging around them. The sign in front of them also reads: The Millennium ice snow God akhiya ice is the king of elves. As the thunder sounded and the rain was like a note, a flash of lightning flashed across the sky, and a wolf surrounded by electric current landed steadily on the golden Raytheon platform at the speed of light. The golden wolves all cried out, "Welcome to ray Raytheon !" Then, lightning and heavy rain disappeared, snowflakes all over the sky, very cold. A female fox with blue body and white chest flew out of the snow when it was getting bigger in the snow. The silver wolves shouted together again: "Welcome to akhiya, the God of ice and snow !" Then akhiya fell to the ice God table surrounded by ice. "How is the situation over there ?" Akhiya whispered to a female wolf named daruchel nearby. Daruche respectfully presented a bowl of iced fairy grass and said, "the highlands of the aquatic family are about to be submerged. However, I vaguely saw a dragon over the highlands, which is silver and red. I seem to have seen it in your "guide to the elf king". I don't know what his name is, but it seems to remember the introduction: the mysterious Tucker star dragon sleeping desert is guarded by him. He has a mountain-like body, and he seems to have many mysteries when he loses his memory ...... by the way, this iced fairy grass is specially made for you by Storia's kitchen. You like to eat iced fairy grass, so the kitchen has made a bowl for you to eat. This iced fairy grass is used in the kitchen this time by Lucy ouxing's hilory energy, ougude energy and aquatic seaweed produced by Western European Zhi Yang. It is especially valuable !" After hearing the last word, akhiya couldn't help but froze. The iced fairy grass that had just started eating also fell to the table in front of Xuan Bing. Storia, who was guarded by the side, immediately picked it up and handed it to akhiya. "Wyrmrest desert ...... wyrmrest desert ...... "She prevaricated," he is the prince of the Dragon Department, with Tucker, blue sky crystal and Skell star, and our Raytheon ray only owns helca and will be captured by Gaia! He is very mysterious and unpredictable, he is ...... "At this moment, daruchel suddenly changed her face. She said loudly:" one thousand years old demon akhiya, you shameless Fox! I Yin Ren for a long time, and finally wait until I can kill you! You are not an ice elf king, the real ice elf king should be Ke ...... "At this moment, akhiya shouted" Xuan Bing the arrow ", and then daruchel was seriously injured and could not say any more. "Give her a bottle of intermediate physical medicine to enrich the blood. When she is injured, ask her what is the ice spirit king who took the brand ." Akhiya ordered Dido and Tonia next to it. Dido and Tonia immediately carried daruchel away and let her drink physical medicine, but daruchel did not say what the real ice elf king was after drinking the medicine, afraid of akhiya hurting the real ice elf king. Tonia wanted to force daruchel to say, but daruchel shouted "the cold of deep winter" and DIDO and Tonia were immediately unconscious. Now akhiya is going to say what she didn't finish: "He is hamorlet ."


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English boy who has often been

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  since childhood. And it will take almost more than a month or even two months to get better. Every time Shan Mu is ill all his life, his parents are the first and the second.

  Unfortunately, Shan Mu is ill again. At first, Shan Mu's mother Kelly thought it was just that Shan Mu was cold while playing football at school and didn't pay much attention. Let Shan Mu have a cup of hot water and go to bed.

  Early the next morning, Shan Mu washed as usual, changed his clothes, took his schoolbag and went downstairs to have breakfast. The school bus has arrived. My mother handed the prepared lunch to Shan Mu. Shan Mu casually took a fried dough stick and stuffed it into his mouth. He hurried to the school bus and bid farewell to Kelly.

  In the morning, Shan Mu had a good time at school. After lunch, Shan Mu went to play football with Jack. After returning to the classroom, Shan Mu took out his math textbook and prepared for class.

  "Ding, ding, ding" the bell rang and the students entered the classroom in twos and threes. Teacher Li started the lesson, and every student listened attentively to the lesson.

  Shan Mu's eyes are getting sour and sour, and they are almost unable to open. Bang ." Shan Mu's head fell on the desk and he fell asleep. It was a close call, otherwise Shan Mu might already be in the office.

  After a long time, the math teacher's eyes finally focused on Shan Mu. "What happened to Shan Mu? Didn't you sleep well? How did you fall asleep ?" "Shan Mu always said he was sleepy before he fell asleep. After repeating it several times, he fell asleep ." Lily, Shan Mu's deskmate, replied. "Oh, I see, thank you, Lily ." The math teacher paused in the same place and then walked to Shan Mu. The students around saw this and were ready to call Shan Mu up. But the math teacher said, "No, don't wake him ." The students wondered why the math teacher wouldn't let them wake up Shan Mu because it was wrong to sleep in class. The math teacher walked to Shan Mu step by step. After arriving at Shan Mu's seat in, Miss Li was just about to lift Shan Mu's head. At this time, she accidentally discovered how hot Shan Mu's forehead was. She hurriedly said, "Wow, why is this Shan Mu forehead so hot? Come on, call miss Mike to Shan Mu's mother ."

  Kelly was frightened when she received the call. I hurriedly took a vacation from the unit to the school. I was worried all the way, for fear that Shan Mu would have a long time or two. How to explain to Shan Mu's father, grandfather and grandmother, and constantly blame myself: why didn't you find Shan Mu had a fever earlier ......

  When Kelly arrived, she hurried to Shan Mu's bed to visit Shan Mu. "Your son has caught a cold. The virus may cause fever, cough, runny nose and other symptoms. As long as you rest more, take medicine on time ." The doctor explained Shan Mu's symptoms beside Kelly.

  Teacher Mike said to Kelly, "Ms. Kelly, if Shan Mu is not feeling well, don't rush to school. Although rest, come back when you are ready. Then we will help him make up a missed lesson. You can rest assured that I will go back to class first and leave now ." "Okay, thank you, thank you !" Chris said gratefully.

  Who knows Shan Mu's disease is two months old. Miss Mike and Shan Mu's parents are both very upset. In the past two months, Kelly took Shan Mu to many clinics and hospitals, but it was useless.

  This time, Kelly will take Shan Mu to find the last glimmer of hope: she will take Shan Mu to find the clinic opened by the best doctors in Britain. Kelly swore to herself and Shan Mu in her heart: this is definitely Shan Mu's last time to see a doctor. Because he couldn't bear to see Shan Mu suffer so much from drugs. When Shan Mu heard that he was going to see a doctor again, he doodle and said, "Oh, I have to see a doctor again, and I have to take medicine again. I am tired of it. I 've taken too much medicine. If I see a doctor again, I'll hang up ." "I bah, what hung up, nonsense ." "Well, baby son, listen, I'm here to promise that this is Shan Mu's last time to see a doctor ." In fact, every time Shan Mu complains, Kelly's heart breaks again and again. Every time she heard these words, her heart was 10 thousand times sadder than Shan Mu.

  Finally, with his mother's voice pleading, Shan Mu reluctantly followed his mother to see the "last doctor ".

  After seeing the doctor, of course, take the list to get the medicine.

  Shan Mu jumped and jumped with the medicine list ready to get the medicine. "Look, this looks like a sick person! Jumping and jumping, the whole person is healthy and alive !" "Hey, Mom, you don't know anything about it ." "Yo? How do you say ?" "This is the last time I see a doctor. Everyone will be happy. Ha, ha, ha..." "you, don't be too happy. If you want to finish eating, you still have to come and see it ." "No problem, I believe in famous doctors ." Shan Mu has arrived at the door of the drug administration. "Mom, hurry up..." Shan Mu shouted loudly.

  After Shan Mu came home to eat lunch, his mother asked Shan Mu to take medicine quickly. Shan Mu took the medicine and water and went to the room to take the medicine. Suddenly, Shan Mu was interested in one of the capsules. Shan Mu has always been very puzzled about capsules: Why does a plastic shell with some powder inside make people's illness better? So, isn't plastic shell good in human body? What will happen if it is dissected? So Shan Mu began his bold plan: Dissecting capsules.

  Shan Mu quietly closed the door first, then took out an unused paper pad on the table and took out the capsule. Shan Mu pressed both sides of the capsule with four fingers and slowly tried to pull the capsule away. Shan Mu closed his eyes because he was afraid his mother would suddenly enter his room.

  1, 2, 3 ." Pull it away, the capsule is pulled away. Shan Mu slowly opened his eyes. Huh? "The capsule is not powder, so why is there nothing ?"

  "Yes, it's us ." Suddenly five little people jumped out of the capsule and scared Shan Mu trembling. The five dwarfs introduced themselves respectively. Wearing a dress and elegant long hair is Anna, a teacher; wearing a straight suit, Wilson, a general manager of the company; wearing a sportswear is David, is a PE teacher; wearing a chef's suit is Lake, the chef of the hotel; wearing overalls is Lina, an office worker.

  Shan Mu didn't believe them at first because they were too small. Shan Mu didn't believe they could do these things. But after all the little people showed their hands, Shan Mu was impressed by them.

  On this day, Shan Mu recovered from his illness and has never been ill since. Every day, my father and mother see Shan Mu happy and feel strange: Is the medicine of famous doctors really so spiritual? But it's okay to take Shan Mu to the hospital for examination. That's because they don't know that a group of "little doctors" are "treating" Shan Mu and accompanying him.


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